Dropbox demo

This is the demo for the dropbox plugin. Feel free to browse and downlaod these files, most of them are empty as this is just an example.

This may show incorrectly for a while while I’m testing new features. Thank you for your patience.

In this example I’ve used home=”/Photos” in the shortcode.

Note: the home parameter must be defined as


and NOT

New Text Document.txtSunday 13th of June 2010 04:51:55 PM0 bytesSunday 13th of June 2010 04:51:55 PM
resources_files_Antonio Vivaldi_Vivaldi - Sonata 5 (IV) Allegro.mp3Saturday 24th of September 2011 12:01:50 AM1.2 MBSaturday 24th of September 2011 12:01:50 AM

Support for multiple boxes is here :D , but please only use one with download/sorting/browsing per page.

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Dropbox demo, 7.5 out of 10 based on 70 ratings
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  • Jake

    When using allowupload=’true’, there is always an “Invalid Response” error thrown when a user tries to upload to any location other than the home directory (can’t upload to any subfolders)

  • Paso70

    great plug-in you can see the thumbnail of uploaded images?

    • http://software.o-o.ro/ Andrew

      Not at the moment. I might add it. Is there a specific reason you want this feature?

      • Paso70

        I created a secure page, where you can download pictures in high, it would be nice to see a thumbnails

        • Andrew

          I’ll add it to the to do list and may implement it ‘soon’ with caching and stuff to come at a later date.

          • Allenkiely

            Hi again, was this ever added, as it would be a perfect addition

            • Andrew

              Not at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    Great plugin. Easy way to integrate the desktop client with a custom site build.

  • Chris

    Looks really cool! Is it possible to access the files in the backend? I would like to use the photos saved at Dropbox to feed the media library.

    • http://software.o-o.ro/ Andrew

      You don’t really need to use a plugin for that, just put the images in the public folder and grab the easy to share link and use it to embed them.

  • TyBF

    I work with artists who are not very tech savvy but in many instances can be taught to use dropbox easier than a wordpress site. For this reason I am interested in creating galleries that are automatically updated with their dropbox folder contents. So, an artist uploads to drop box from their ipad/desktop/etc… and it populates onto their website. 

    Is this possible with what you have done here? Thank you. 

    • Andrew

       Not exactly, no. The plugin would need to be tweaked/optimised a little/a little more depending on what you want/need. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of spare time at the moment but If you’re interested on working on this drop me an email via the contact form detailing what you want the plugin to do and we may work something out.

      • Allenkiely

        Hi, i am looking for  similar solution to what Reggie is looking for, did you ever develop this further. thanks

  • Reggiescottjr

    Got the plugin working but when I try to upload a file I get this error:

    Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in D:hosting7362302htmldune-grasswp-contentpluginsdropbox-plugintdp_main.php on line 338

    Error: Can not create temporary directory!

  • Creatorcoach

    Hi – how can I learn what you mean here? 

    I have set up the app on Dropbox and entered the keys. But what do I do next? How can I add a “box” where users can upload files to my Dropbox folders?  You say “use shortcode” but what shortcode? And where?

    I presume you do not have time to do this but I have already spent an hour sorting this out only to find this has no way in for someone like me. how can I learn what I am supposed to do next?



    • Andrew

      Add [dropbox] to a post/page.
      you add parameters like this:
      [dropbox parameter1="value1" parameter2="value2" ]

      • Creatorcoach

        Great thanks. I will give this a go.

  • mike

    Hi, thanks for a great plugin

    I wonder what might be the reason for ordering of files/directories not working at all: http://rex.customagic.net/sample-page/
    your demo works fine but my installation doesn’t

    other parameters like home and columns work fine

    • Andrew

      That’s odd. Do you have the latest version?

      • mike

        yep, I have the latest .105 version
        I tested the plugin on another hosting provider account and ordering works nicely
        so the problem must be related to my host provider, LAMP, WP installation or plugin combination
        oh well… Murphy’s laws at work

        • Andrew

          There could be some interference from another plugin. Try disabling them and enabling them one by one to find the culprit.

          If that’s the issue let me know which plugin it is.

  • timmay

    So far, so good (thanks to whoever posted the [dropbox] shortcode).  However, I’m getting now getting an error when I navigate to the page intended to display the dropbox files:
    DropboxException: Full Dropbox access attempt failed
    because this app is not configured to have full Dropbox access. Should
    your access type be app folder (‘sandbox’) instead? in [..url...]wp-contentpluginsdropbox-plugindropbox.php on line

    I tried changing $sandbox=TRUE on both the filesGet and filesPost functions in dropbox.php, but it’s still not working.  What am I doing wrong?  Dropbox won’t let me request production status for my app until I’ve tested it.


    • Andrew

      When you create the app on the dropbox site make sure you set it to full Dropbox and not folder restricted.

      • timmay

        Thank you — that worked!  I assume then that I can use the parameters to restrict which folder is displayed?

        • Andrew

          Yup, that’s how I have it set up here.

  • Kaitlyn

    I am wondering if this can be used with passwords. For example, if we want to embed a drop box on our website and a folder for each client. Is there an easy way to password protect the folder so only that specific client can access their folder?

    • Andrew

      Not sure if it’s waht you’re looking for but password protecting pages is built into wordpress, you can use that to secure the pages the plugin is on.

      • Kaitlyn

        That might work if I can include only 1 specific folder on each page. That way I can create a unique page for each client with access to only one folder.

        • Andrew

          As long as the folders are inside the same Dropbox account you can.

  • cvc1968

    I just tried this out and it works very well. One question…The date/time that gets displayed is UTC, even though my Dropbox settings are set to EST. I haven’t found any way to force the display of the time in a specific timezone using the PHP date formats, but I may be overlooking it. Any ideas how to display the time in any timezone other than UTC? Thanks

    • Andrewsaccount

      Will be added in next patch, sometime next week.