Dropbox plugin for wordpress

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There seems to be a demand for a wordpress plugin which can handle dropbox and there is code available to make it, but for some reason people haven’t made one yet.

Taking the available code and next to no wordpress plugin knowledge I’ve modified the code and made a plugin out of it.

It’s now been what I would consider sufficiently tested, and appears to work for most configurations.

Long story short, a special thanks to jaka.kubje.org and to individual-it.net from where the bulk of the code originates. I just made it a plugin.

There is a readme file in the archive which should explain the workings. It’s basic and simple, but if any questions come up, post a comment and I’ll gladly answer.

010 – Added option to show file size. Added option to show date and time of last modification
009 – Fixed to work with the new dropbox url. Fixed a problem with the permalinks. Added shortcodes
008 – Switched to the new way of storing options. Might be compatible with wordpressMU. Need volunteer to find out.
007 – Security update restricting acces to plugin settings. Please update if you have a multi-user blog.
006 – suffice to say I’m embarrassed about this one but the password should no longer get messed up
005 – files with spaces in the names should no longer be truncated thanks to a delightfully simple fix.
007 – Security update restricting acces to plugin settings. Please update if you have a multi-user blog.
006 – Fixed obvious mistake in password code.
005 – Files with a space in the name now mostly work.
004 – fixed URL bug
003 – updated the dropbox connection class
002 – updated the dropbox connection class

Browser issues as noted so far:

  • Chrome – like a charm
  • Firefox – works
  • IE8 – also woks
  • Safari – works on the latest version
  • Opera – haven’t tested much but seems to work
  • Epiphany – untested

Click Here to Download the latest version

Demo – browsing and downloading only

Download older versions here:001,002,003

New post to go with a new version of the plugin. Click here.

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Rating: 7.1/10 (12 votes cast)
Dropbox plugin for wordpress, 7.1 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
  • Kisset

    Nice plugin . it works perfect for mi..How do people register on my site before they can download from drop box

  • Victor

    Hi, I am having a problem with this plugin.

    I have DPF files in my root folder in dropbox, so I use this plugin for see all of them in my page, it works! , but when I download a File It say: “The file is corrupted or damaged”.  This is so Bizarre, because if I enter directly in dropbox.com I download those files correctly and open them without problems.

    Do you know what could be the problem?

    • Andrew

      Do other file formats work properly? 

      If by any chance the file size is much smaller than it should be like a few KB, could you maybe upload it somewhere and give me a link, or open it up in any text editor (as a txt file) and paste the contents if it looks like an error??

      • Victor

         How can I show you the flie?
        I just pasted here but it was erase

        It looks like an error

        • Andrew

          Try http://pastebin.com

          • Victor
            • Andrew

              Try, adding just the empty shortcode [dropbox] on a secure page, and try grabbing the pdf again. If that works properly you probably messed up one of the parameters. If that still doesn’t work I’m not sure what’s causing it. It could be incompatibility with another plugin. 

              • Victor

                 OK thanks, let me see if this works

                • Victor

                   Nothing works :S
                  I think there are a problem with the plugin or database.

                  I set off all plugins except dropbox plugin and put off the template too,  but don’t work the dropbox plugin.

  • Torque

    can’t upload to dropbox. don’t work :(

  • Jacob

    Hey! The plugin works great for me.

    But I do have an issue when downloading large files through it (ones I’ve tested were about ~300 MB PDFs). It simply downloads a portion of it (about 20 MB) and then stops. Might this be a plugin limitation?

    • Andrew

      Yes. It’s not streaming the file. It loads it up in memory then saves it. Only way around it is to change your server settings to give php access to more memory.