Dropbox plugin updated to 0.105

Fixed an issue where new users couldn’t connect the plugin to their dropbox accounts.

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  • Asteenb

    Hi,thank you for the great plugin! One question though… When i add a dropbox folder with mp3 files, it won’t open the file via the wordpress plugin. Just a small 350 bytes ‘file’ but not the complete mp3. That same mp3 actually does work on the dropbox webpage.
    Can you tell me what i am doing wrong please? other files, like docs open correctly!I would appreciate that very much! 
    Thanks in advance! asteenb@zeelandnet.nl

    • http://software.o-o.ro Andrew

      I’ve added some mp3 files to the demo and they seem to download fine. The other files which you mentioned work, were any of them over 350 bytes? The issue might be your server limiting the resources of the php script(the files get loaded by the server then outputted, they aren’t ‘streamed’ ).

      • Asteenb

        Wow, you’re fast! 
        I’ve found that there seems to be a maximum filesize of 4 mb. When i upload mp3 files under 4 mb they work great, but over 4 mb they don’t. 
        Up to me to limit my filesizes :-) No problem, still a great plugin!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Qu4tr3 Quatros


    • http://twitter.com/Qu4tr3 Quatros

      I’m the only one with this dowload limit problem?


    • http://software.o-o.ro Andrew

      Are you sure your host didn’t change server settings without you knowing?

  • Lolivovv

    Hello, I am not very familiar with programming, and I am trying to get this to work. I get the message that i should connect my plugin to dropbox. I also dont know exactly where and how i put the parameters for the shortcode…Also, with dropbox, is it ok that my app is statused as development? Please help! This seems like the perfect plugin for me… Thanx, and sorry for ignorance.

  • Michael Greeby

    My question is silly, but important – how can I upload files to Dropbox using your plugin?

    I followed all of your installation instructions, cutting and pasting the API keys after making an App, AND clicking the link after saving my settings (although obvious I would recommend making it more prominent).  I put the shortcode into my page and the directory appears!  I can navigate around, but do not know how to upload new files.  Thanks for your help – I am almost there. 

    • Andrew

      use the parameter allowupload=”true”

  • Yatashah

    Hey I just added your plugin to my page jobstars.com but the page I added it to nothing shows up.  It seems to be canceling out the rest of the entire page.  I’m unsure why.  The page is http://www.jobstars.com/resources/resume-critique/.

  • guest

    Just wondering if there is anything i can do to make it load faster? Its very slow but just what we are needing for our sales reps.

    • Andrew

      Get a better host?
      I’ll add caching to the to do list, that should speed things up a bit when I get a chance to implement it.

  • Maurizio Deascanis

    Hi, I installed this plugin in one website with my dropbox account and everything was ok, after that I changed my account with the customer account and now I’m unable to make it works. Can somebody tell me why?
    here my code with parameters, it should be everything ok

    [dropbox Name="Energye" home="/EnergyShareEU" separator="/"
    hometext="home" dateformat="l jS of F Y h:i:s A" allowdownload="true"
    orderby="type" dirsfirst="true" showdirs="true" allownavigate="true"
    columns="IN" asctxt="▲" desctxt="▼" ordering="true" allowupload="false"]

    the folder is in the root but it doesn’t work.

    I hope somebody can tell me what happen… thank you…

  • Jim

    I’m getting a nasty error when I click on one of the Dropbox files on my site:

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘DropboxException’ with message
    ‘Invalid signature. Expected signature base string:
    Dropbox->doCall(’1/metadata/drop…’, Array)
    Dropbox->metadata(‘Public/Project …’, 1000, false, true, false)
    #2 [internal function]: tdp_elephant_sandwitch(”)
    #3 /home/content/s/y/n/synergyplayg/html/wp-includes/plugin.php(339):
    call_user_func_array(‘tdp_elephant_sa…’, Array)
    in /home/content/s/y/n/synergyplayg/html/wp-content/plugins/dropbox-plugin/dropbox.php on line 570



    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare show_dropbox() in /customers/2/2/0/rationalistpakistan.com/httpd.www/wp-content/plugins/dropbox-plugin/tdp_main.php on line 141

  • neodel

    Great plugin. Is there a way in which instead of downloading pdf(s) we can allow them to run on browser?