A form of monotheism
A game about many things, including but not limited to: being alone on the planet, war, (lack of) tolerance, violence, mindless exploitation of resources.

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Source code: aformofmonotheism

Built with Processing and Processing.js

Building Wood Metal Notes
Blue house - - Can't be built. Stores carried resources, reduces baby cooldown.
Wall 1 - Restricts movement
Gate 1 1 Works like a wall except it can allow/deny passage. This behavior is chosen by licking the '?' symbol
By default it doesn't hinder movement.
Sign 1 - Changes the movement direction of all beings or beings with the chosen trait.
Clicking the '?' symbol will change the direction
Farm 20 - Acts as an endless supply of herbs. All beings can pick up grains here regardless of traits.
Armory - 10 Gives beings a shield, increasing their resistance.
Each shield costs an additional 1 metal
Bowyer 10 5 Gives beings a bow considerably increasing their range, an protecting them from retaliations.
Each bow costs an additional 2 wood and 2 metal.
Each use of the bow costs an additional 1 wood