Unity Web Player | pewpew

w/s moves the camera forward/back

a/d moves the camera left/right

q/r moves the camera down/up

left click selects, click and drag also selects

clicking empty space clears the selection

right click on a ship/planet orders selected units to attack/follow

right click on empty space re-enables seek and destroy behavior

hold the middle mouse button for mouse look

SPACE - pause; camera movement is still possible

1 - normal speed; 2 - double speed; 3- triple speed; 0 - quarter speed

- frigate: double blasters(short range) and 50 homing missiles (long range), fast, best against miner and fighters
- big gun: experimental science ship, it shoots a big ball of hurt that goes through targets, short range, area of effect, can destroy multiple missiles/turrets at once
- miner: retrofitted mining ship, has a powerful long range laser but is very slow, doesn't try to target figters or frigates (they're too fast), but will shoot them if they get in front of the laser; best against carrier
- carrier: very slow, very durable, has 4 point defense turrets and 2 offensive turrets, very short range, turrets can be destroyed, carries 5 fighters
- fighters can't be bought directly, they come bundled with carriers, very fast, very small, they have one blaster