I found myself updating some posts somewhat frequently. This isn’t necessarily a good thing to do as the RSS feed doesn’t show updates.

A more blog-type thing to do would be to constantly make new posts and link back and forth trough them in a weak attempt at SEO. This isn’t really my thing because one I like my information organised instead of scattered and two I’m not a blogger.

Fiddlig with the built-in wordpress RSS seemed a bit daunting to me so I started lookig for alternatives. Then it dawned on me that there’s such a thing as Twitter. Personally I don’t use it, but practically it can store small amounts of information, and people like it.

This was the heart of twit-update.

The lungs and the rest of the cardiovascular system of twit-update was a nice clean bit of code.

The bones and muscles moving and supporting it were today’s work crippled as much as possible by windows vista(which froze on me even as I was writing this)

Odd biology metaphors aside I’ll save this post now then edit it later with the link to the plugin itself to prove its workingness.

It obviously didn’t work exactly as planned, so I’ll be tweaking more before release. You can see it in its current glory here.

How to use:

  • Type in your twitter login data
  • Set the notifications options
  • Set the notification messages
  • Save

As an example for notifications I currently use:

I [a] have posted a post named [n] at these temporal coordonates: [o]. You may find it here: [url]


[n] was just edited. It was last edited on [l] and posted on [o]. It currently has [c] comments. Go take a look. [url]

You could also make some notes in the excerpt section as to why you edited and send them off to twitter. Sky’s the limit.

Known issues:

  • Previewing a post triggers the new post message
  • Notifications are sent for pages too
  • Saving drafts triggers new post message

These seem to have gotten fixed. Please let me know if there are still issues.

004-Switched to the new way of storing options. Might be compatible with wordpressMU. Need volunteer to find out.
003-Security update restricting acces to plugin settings. Please update if you have a multi-user blog.
002-more tags, bug fixes and a sidebar widget
001-there should be increased compatibility with PHP 4 now

Any suggestions, questions and feedback are very much appreciated.

Download here

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  • lee

    Hi, just installed twit-update but received an error when activating:

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /home/*****/*****/wp-content/plugins/twit-update/twit_main.php on line 30.

    Any ideas? Would really like to use this.


    • Andrew

      Hello, I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues. Is your server running PHP version 4 by any chance?

  • JD

    I’m having the same issue, and yes my server is using PHP 4.4.9

    • Andrew

      Thanks for letting me know. :D

      It should be fixed now. You can download the new version as soon as it updates on in a few moments.

      • JD

        Ok, seems to work now. Thanks for the speedy update!

        • Andrew

          You’re welcome, I’m glad it worked.

          Please let me know if you find more bugs or have suggestions.

  • Jason Christopher

    Will this work with WP version 2.8.4 ?

    • Andrew

      I don’t see why not. It most likely works with most versions, I only tested it on one though.

      Feel free to try it out and let me know if it works. :D

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  • JD

    If I use ‘Quickpress’ in the wordpress dashboard, it doesn’t post to my twitter. Same thing if I post through the wordpress iPhone app.

    Those two are where I post from the most, so would be very useful.


    • Andrew

      Thanks for letting me know!

      There are a number of issues I’ve found with the current code. I’ll write up a fix which I’m hoping will fix your problems as well, and include it in the next release within the next few days at most.

      • JD

        Sounds good, I look forward to it.

        • Andrew

          I’ve tested quickpress with the new version of the plugin and it seems to work. I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t test the app unfortunately. Please let me know if it works.

          • JD

            That worked man, Thanks!

            Great job!

            • Andrew


              Let me know if anything else comes up.

  • Htbaa

    Hi, it would be nice if I could let it ignore adding new pages or doing page updates. Other than that, a fine plugin!

    • Andrew

      I’m not sure what you mean. There are options for disabling both of those in the admin panel. Have you tried them and found that they don’t work?

      • Htbaa

        I think those work, what I meant is:

        I want to use Twitter to update people of new blog-posts.
        But not when I add a new static page.

        • Andrew

          I wasn’t aware it did that actually. Thanks a lot for letting me know!

          I’ll need to look into this a bit and do some old-fashioned detective work, but I think I can get it to run smoothly in no time.

          • Htbaa

            By the way, shouldn’t new posts be tweeted only when publishing it? A tweet gets posted even when saving it as a draft.

            • Andrew

              Yup that’s right that’s what should happen. I’ve been looking for the cause of that extra notification. I’ve added this to the known issues. Thanks again. :D

  • http://ипотпали.com/ Ипотпал

    Thank you for the plugin

  • Duane Poncy

    Can’t save my settings on WordPress 2.8.4. I get an “error: option page not found” message.

    • Andrew

      That’s odd. Are you sure you uploaded the whole plugin folder to your wordpress? You only really need twit_main.php and twit_options.php so make sure they are both uploaded.

      • Duane Poncy

        I installed it automatically via the WordPress interface. My site is on a WPMU installation, could that be the problem?

        • Andrew

          I’ll have to be honest and admit I haven’t worked with wordpress MU so I’m not sure.

          I suspect I know what the problem is though. I’ll try to write up a fix for it today or tomorrow at the latest. Since I’m working blind without access to a wordpress MU instalation it either might or might not work.

          Fingers crossed :D

        • Andrew

          Think v004 will do the trick. Let me know how it works.

  • Lisa D Chambers

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in ‘\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\twit-update\twit_main.php on line 32 ‘

    latest version of your plugin w/latest version of wp 2.8

    sorry, I wanted to use :(

    • Andrew

      That’s an error on my side, comes with working on several machines. It seems I’ve uploaded the incorrect file. It should refresh on the site in 15 minutes at most. If you redownload it it should work.

      I’m terribly sorry for this.

  • hch

    works great for me!

    thanks a lot!

  • h2dtwo

    great plug-in.
    i’m not using widgets, what do I add manually to the sidebar to get the plug-in on the page? any inf would be great.


  • Polprav

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

    • Andrew

      As long as you quote some of it, link back and give credit It isn’t really a problem.

      What did you have in mind?

  • Jonnifer

    I made post today and I am just wondering. I haven’t see my post in twitter. The other day it was working fine.

    Please let know why happened this on my twit update.

    • Andrew

      That’s odd. Have you checked that the new post message isn’t too large? If you add too many tags and text it may exceed twitter’s limits.

  • h2dtwo

    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for the previous help. I had one more question. I schedule posts on my site a night in advance. I noticed that when I do that the message is not sent to twitter. Is it supposed to work for scheduled posts?


    • Andrew

      That’s actually a very good question.

      Since it doesn’t work for you I’ll assume it isn’t supposed to happen. However that’s functionality I will most definitely try to add in the next version. I’m unsure when I’ll have time to tinker with it, if not by the weekend then prolly sometime next week.

      Thanks a lot for bringing this to my attention :D

  • Emma

    So, your plug-in works fantastically if I’m just posting a regular blog. However, I use ComicPress to manage my webcomic, and while it doesn’t post when I save the draft to be published at 00:00 Wednesdays, it never updated my Twitter feed. Is this a conflict with ComicPress? with publishing later? or…?

    • Andrew

      Hello Emma

      It’s not a comicpress conflict that I know of. The plugin doesn’t post to twitter when scheduled posts post themselves.

      So yes, unfortunately the issue is with publishing later.

      However I hope to have this taken care of as soon as possible. Thanks for letting me know. :D

  • Julián Rodriguez Orihuela

    Does it work with URL shorteners such as or does it just put the regular blog URL?
    Because my URLs tend to be long, and so are my post titles, so probably there’ll be no space for everything in the post.

    • Andrew


      It uses this format for the URLs: this one is the url for this post. Unless your blog default URL is really long it shouldn’t be a problem.

      Twitter might shorten them by default if it all gets too long but I’m not sure.

      I’ll look into integrating url shorteners when I have some free time.


  • Nick

    If I schedule a post, the tweet won’t update…is there a work around or will a new version include this…or am I doing something wrong (which could be the case!)


    • Andrew

      I’m aware of the issue. The new version will include it:D (hopefully this weekend)

      • Htbaa

        Hi Andrew,

        I just encountered the same “issue”. Did you ever get to it or is it a scraped feature?


    I have installed the plugin but I can’t find where you fill in the personal info as you have spoken about in the readme file. Was it supposed to popup? I do have the twit-widget on the site but nothing is happening with it. Can you assist?

    • Andrew


      In the admin menu under settings you should have a button “twit update”. If you click it it should take you to the options page (first image from here

      You then fill out your info and click save.

      Once you do that the widget should start working too.

      Let me know if you have any more trouble.

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  • chiara

    Hi, this is my fist wordpress blog and my first plugin. I’ve just installed twit-update but I receive an error when I publish a new post on worpress:

    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in E:\inetpub\wwwroot\\wp-content\plugins\twit-update\twit_main.php on line 54

    What can I do? Thanks a lot!


    • Andrew

      Is curl installed on your server? It needs to be in order for the plugin to function.

  • Xtreme Bundlle

    Why I am having this error?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /home/xtremebu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/twit-update/twit_main.php on line 54

  • Xtreme Bundlle

    I tried to update my post but I got that error :(

    • Andrew

      It’s because curl isn’t installed (or enabled) on your server. You should ask your host to install/ enable it.

  • Positive Reform

    twit-update is the BEST twitter post plug I have found. As of 9/1/2010 it no longer connects with twitter. please help!!

  • Guran

    Hi Andrew
    This is a really great Plugin-when it works. Like others here, for me it died a few days ago. My host assures me cURL is installed and enabled. Did Twitter make a change in their architecture? Or is it just that Twitter has joined the World. The World hates meh! heh
    But Twit-Update doesn’t.
    Update, that is!

    • Guran

      Thank You for the reply, Andrew!
      I’m pleased to know the problem is not located somewhere within my blog.
      Now that you have identified the problem, I will patiently (yes-with patience) await ver. 005.
      Many Thanks for an eggsellant Plugin

  • Guran

    How does that song go?
    Please Mr Custard. I dun’t wanna go!”
    I like Twit Update but for some reason it now lacks the look and feel of succes.
    I’d look at the code but I’m not really a space-ace (I can fly ok but put me into the cockpit of a 747 and I turn into a very passenger).
    Sooo Ne update on the Twit-Update plugin thingy?
    Nebody here seen Andrew?
    *looks around*

    • Andrew

      I’m sorry to keep you waiting with my reply Guran.

      The reason it isn’t working is because twitter switched to OAuth only authentication. I’m looking into it as I type :D

    • Andrew

      An update: It’s trickier than I originally thought, so a plain conversion wouldn’t really work. I’ll resume fiddling with it in the weekend.

      • Guran

        OK Andrew!
        We can only do our best, eh?
        Looking forward to a solution when it arrives.
        Einstein ‘solved’ the Atom looking at a woman on a council bus!

  • David

    Yes, please let us know when you got it working with OAuth.

    Thank you!

    • Guran

      *Yawn* Nebody seen Andrew?
      Nebody seen an update?
      Glad I never made any WP Plugins. Imagine trying to crunch a prob with the entire World looking over your shoulder!
      Thankfully, Tweetmeme is operating so I use that to tweet updates from the Blog. But that’s manual rather than automated. Actually liked Twit-Update a lot !
      Oh well. Worth waiting for.

      • Andrew

        Well ok, I might not have managed to work on it in the weekend. But as of today I oficially ran out of excuses (good ones or otherwise). And will work on it (for real this time :D )

  • Guran

    *sigh* I remember when I had a life. Wow! I remember when I had a wife! How strict was that!
    Andrew must have downloaded one.
    Apparently, there are any number online.
    “Get ur life heer!” *life swapping is like those old Player Cards with the Redsox and the Orioles*
    *time I updated a twit*
    I need to go on eBay now and get one of those tape things that hang around the neck? Now I won the Wooden Spoon for Stirring award, that is. :)

  • Guran

    No! Noooo! *Screams* NooooOOooo *Sobs*
    *Collapses into sobbing mess*
    I REFUSE to have an updated Twit-Update

  • Guran

    even help?

  • Guran

    Dysfunctional – does not work. Like a coalminer in bed. Andrew.

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  • Peter

    Easy to set up and works great thank you

  • Learn Laguages Online

    Will it work with new Wordpres 3.1.2?

  • Steve

    Hey, this plugin is a great idea, unfortunately I can’t make it works on my website, it simply doesn’t tweet, no error msgs whatsoever…. I double checked login and pass…. I’m stuck… Any idea?

    • Andrew

      It wasn’t updated after twitter switched to OAuth. Redoing the authentication is on the to do list, and has been for some time, so I’m afraid I can’t give an estimate of when I’ll get around to making the necessary changes.

  • Munch

    Hi I have just installed the plugin on our site, thanks a lot for the freebie :-) unfortunately it is not working. We have changed the settings and added our twitter account but nothing happens. here is the link

    • Andrew

      Hasn’t worked for over a year or two, sorry about that. I’ll see if I can fix it, though I can give no estimates on when.