the escapist planet


i don't want to live under these people anymore

Your name here if you want to submit to the leaderboards(best scores possible in escape)

Click on planets to orbit them. "r" restarts a level, backspace takes you to the menu
'm' and 's' mute the music and sounds
Changing orbits changes rotation direction
Crashing into planets/stars is bad

Story: Levels in order
Levels: The game is hard so you may not get to some levels, you can still play them here
Escape: Infinity mode, get as far away as as you can. My record at the moment is just over 3000

Distance: Distance from the origin star of the level
Ang vel: Angular velocity (how fast you spin, not how fast you move, movement speed is consant)
Orbit: Distance from the planet/star you're orbiting
Scores over 1000 will get sent to the leaderboard. Only 1 person/ unique score so get them while they're hot!