Internet rant

The Internet is a good thing. I like the internet, you like the internet, everybody likes the internet. Now I’m not talking about dialup, that ghost from the past that sounds like dubstep, or fancy satellite internet I’m talking about broadband. You don’t really realise how useful and important internet can be unless you go an lose it. In my case by travelling abroad. So here I am sitting here writing these lines as the internet dies every 5 minutes and when it works it works only with about 50kB/s up/down speed. At least that’s kB not kb. It’s surprising how different countries can have such varying internet quality. Back home my internet is easily four times better than this one is, but the country as a whole is considered less advanced. It’s silly when you stop to think about it.

The ridiculous thing is that I’m ‘new’ to internet in general, having gotten it 6 years ago and a computer only a few years before that, but already I’m having trouble remembering the before-times. That murky past before recorded history when people propelled their vehicles by walking through holes in the bottom Flintstones stlye.

The upside to it is that I can’t waste all my day checking feeds, and playing games or working on things, which isn’t an upside at all, since sometimes one needs to do work via the internet, but what I’m getting to is that I can now take the time to take in nature, go for walks, hikes, that sort of good stuff. So there’s a ying-yang type thing going on, where you win some and lose some. Whether it’s a good or bad thing, that’s tricky, I guess it all depends on what you need or are looking for at that respective time in your life. At the moment it’s a mixed blessing for me.

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