Arduino mega

The Arduino Mega. Cheap, capable and best of all easy to use. Hopefully at the center of many projects to come.

While asking around for microcontrollers I’ve been told to use this and that(for the sake of fairness I won’t name names). This was a nightmare to use and that was just plain ridiculously expensive. And of course neither came even close to the specs of an Arduino board( let it be noted that my original intention was to purchase an Arduino Duemilanove).

As my way to give back to the community allow me to spread the word:

A little information:
Digital I/O Pins…..54 (total)
Pulse Width modulation pins…..14
Analog Input Pins…..16
Serial Ports…..4
Flash Memory…..128 KB(4 KB used by bootloader)
Clock Speed…..16 MHz

A lot more information:

arduino mega 1arduino mega 2arduino mega 3arduino mega 4

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