Urth – level editor

Welcome to the Urth level editor preview.

You should probably read this part before continuing, but then again you may skip it, and come back to it later after you realize that you should have indeed read it.

A star and Urth are already created for you. You may not delete either of them, and you may not move the star. Notice the spinning cursor around the star. That means that the star is currently selected.

Whenever you have something selected you may:

  • Adjust its parameters via the buttons on the lower right: angular velocity (noted as speed), rotation direction
  • You may cycle through powerups (no powerup, haste, slow, maintain rotation, shrink orbit, no orbit)
  • Delete it via the button on the top left
  • Add a planet orbiting it (if the planet tool is selected) via clicking anywhere
  • Designate the currently selected planet to be Urth
To adjust the position of a star or planet, click and drag.
You may add stars or switch to the pan tool (click and drag to pan) via the button on the lower left.
Zooming is accomplished using the buttons on the upper right. The red rectangle displays the area visible during gameplay.
The play and rewind buttons on the lower right advance the time in both directions. This is useful for synchronizing orbits and general debugging.

Victory conditions and testing!

To access the victory condition and testing menu press the TAB key (the wide button next to Q on your keyboard, which is neither 1, W, A or Caps Lock).

The button on the top left allows you to select one of 3 types of victory conditions:

  • Distance – minimum distance from the central star required to win
  • Survival – time in seconds without hitting something else
  • Precise positioning – a number of goals which must be achieved to win (min and max orbit, angular velocity, rotation direction and target planet/star to orbit – if enabled the target planet/star will be the currently selected object)
The test button launches the level.
And last but not least the save button sends the level to the server(there is currently no way to load levels, but there will be in the next couple of days).
While nothing stops you from making other things orbit Urth, please, don’t do it. Unless you manage to make something awesome out of it. In that case please do it.
And finally, or firstly if you skipped the previous part, the level editor:

The level editor went away :( but might be back

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