Ludum dare 21 – Urth

What with all the excitement I’ve neglected to mention Ludum Dare in the one place where my entry is stored. Here.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves shall we? First, just what IS Ludum Dare? A fine question. It’s a competition in which participants must make a game from scratch in 48 hours, including all graphics musics, coding, everything.

The theme for the 21st instalment of Ludum Dare was something I wasn’t really expecting: ESCAPE! But as expected most games(599 total, almost double the entries of LD20) turned out to be mazes, classic platformers or sidescrolling ‘run away from escape the ???’ flavoured. Some however managed to add interesting new twists over the standard format.

I tried something a little more out of the box, involving planets, stars and orbits. The feedback I received so far praised the mechanic for being intuitive and easy to pick up but mentioned that the overall difficulty of the game was high.


  • finished
  • implemented game modes
  • used music for the first time


  • it lacked sufficient polish
  • the difficulty curve is a bit steep
  • the music is horrible

I can’t think of much else to say so I’ll provide some handy links to my dev journal on the Ludum Dare website, and to the game itself.

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