More visuals

To tell the truth I wanted to post a set of the last 3, but the person who writes the songs has gotten writer’s block( or musician’s block)

Normally he sends me some songs and then I do the code and pick the one which fits the animation best. This time I made the code after a 10 or so second demo, which ended up being scrapped. So the challenging bit now is making some music that looks good. Which takes time.

In the meantime I’ll show 2 more synchs.

The first one I don’t really like, and it isn’t very original, but I was curious how it would look. I have the feeling I wasted the song on it.

I had a lot of trouble finding a good song for the second one. It gets very temperamental since I went maybe a bit too far with the variables. It would look good projected on a wall as part of an installation I’d think. Depending on the song it can look quite psychedelic.

These two and the previous one work with any song and yield different visual results(the third more so than the first two).

If you have suggestions for more visuals or are a singer, performer or music maker and are curious how your music can look like, please let me know.

Regular feedback is also greatly appreciated.

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