Site structure


I’m not happy with the site’s structure, I’ll probably keep changing it over the next few days. Also I’m testing statuses.

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Urth android update 0.4


Reduced difficulty of level 9 and other small level fixes and added options to escape mode:

  •  Casual: no powerups
  •  Juggler: can not orbit stars
  •  Shrinking: all planets have shrinking orbits
  •  Faster: all bodies move 25% faster
  •  Slower: all bodies move 25% slower

Note that these options will influence the score modifier.

Get urth on the android market

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I found myself updating some posts somewhat frequently. This isn’t necessarily a good thing to do as the RSS feed doesn’t show updates.

A more blog-type thing to do would be to constantly make new posts and link back and forth trough them in a weak attempt at SEO. This isn’t really my thing because one I like my information organised instead of scattered and two I’m not a blogger.

Fiddlig with the built-in wordpress RSS seemed a bit daunting to me so I started Continue reading

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